I’m a Villain

Long obituaries through arbitrary nights

Fighting for my Grandmother to live through unnecessary lights
As a child i skipped through flying kites, leading the film room and studying the good ol’ fights
The World through a book, i was a villain
Laced with irony, is that a paradox

Me vs Myself now that’s something i’d paid to see
Blood on the dance floor and a reflection of you and me
I cared about a world so careless, by my life for the perfect price

No soul to sell, the devil has it in hell

I’m a warmonger, a villain in this culture, so let’s build something thats fit to last

Dream Theater 2

So there i was with a dead stare feeling a little dead inside missing the abstract world. I find myself in a broken down church reading books and sorting through messes. I’m guessing there was some type of alien invasion or bomb. Anyway some other survivors come over and one of them is a really cute girl. Lots of my dreams have a cute girl in them that i try to impress, i suspect sometimes my life is a goofy or donald duck cartoon. I’ll take it over the PTSD dreams/nightmaes anyday though.
Well anyway we are trying to find a way to defeat something but we can’t. The end is me and cute girl after we were together for awhile and then she broke up with me.
I always thought this dream really showed my fear of that happeneing, finding some amazing girl and it actually working out until one day it doesnt. Feeling like love has a time limit to it, its a scary thing. I’ve got a fairly epic journey ahead so thats another part of the ddream. But i’m happy to be here. Thats todays version of Dream Theater! Check out http://www.anthonygrandin.com for more!

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Hello, my name is Anthony Day Grandin. I am a 19 year old Author who wants to bring entertainment through my writing to people everywhere. I am a struggling human being who has a interesting perspective on all types of art. I like to create light from the darkness, i want to help people find the beauty in all types of art. Writing has been my life since i was twelve, and i have three books being published hopefully within the next six months. If my writing can intrigue or make someone happy, maybe create some laughs or simply entertain I’ll be a very happy person.

Without the ability to write i don’t know where i’d be. Telling stories is my passion and i am forever blessed to be able to actually be good at it. I am the Author of Future Trafford Release The City Breaks its Promise, which will hopefully be hitting some shelves by January 28th! I appreciate all the help i can get trying to spread the word and that’s why i made Warmonger. It’s a real look into my writing, an audition of sorts. So Welcome and Please enjoy, leave me a comment i love to talk. I keep thinking Maybe i can help someone, i can change someone’s life, make something out of myself and do what I’ve wanted to since i was only in Kindergarten. This is real life.

I grew up between New Haven, one of the most dangerous cities in the country and Bethany Connecticut, one of the most beautiful serene expensive suburbs in the United States. Voted best small town in Connecticut, it was picture perfect. My grandmother who was extremely influential on every aspect of my life, lived there and tended to the house. She made it clear that her home was mine. After my physically abusive alcoholic father attempted suicide and then left me to move across the country and there some other extremely traumatizing life changing times, my grandma had us move in with her. Here I stalled in life and would eventually go to get some help. So this Warmonger is a combination of all the bad in my life, all the love, creativity and everything i have experienced. I’m only 19 and i feel old, been through tough times in life. Through my words I’ll convey all these emotions and memories to you, indirectly.

Thank you for giving me your time, much Love and respect.

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